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Justin Hall: overshare: the story

Ich bin zu spät zum Internet gekommen, oder zum Bloggen, um wirklich würdigen zu können, aber wenn und die New York Times sich einig sind, dass Justin Hall ein Vorreiter für personal Blogs war, könnte es stimmen.

Lässt sich jetzt in Form einer 40-minütigen Doku nachprüfen. overshare: the story ist für die meisten von uns wahrscheinlich auch sowas wie eine kleine Geschichte des Internets.

„How did it become normal to share from our personal lives on the public internet? This documentary overshare: the story looks at the limits of one person’s desire for online attention.

Hello, my name is Justin Hall and I’ve been sharing my personal life in explicit detail online for over twenty years. Starting in 1994, my personal web site Justin’s Links from the Underground has documented family secrets, romantic relationships, and my experiments with sex and drugs.

overshare: the story is a documentary about fumbling to foster intimacy between strangers online. Through interviews, analysis and graphic animations, I share my motivations, my joys and my sorrows from pioneering personal sharing for the 21st century. In 2004 the New York Times referred to me as „perhaps the founding father of personal weblogging.“ I hope this documentary reveals that I was a privileged white male with access to technology who worked to invite as many people as possible to join him in co-creating an internet where we have a chance to honestly share of our humanity.

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This film is released under a Creative Commons license.

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