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ti_leos Links zum Sonntag (KW 10)

Sonntag hat man Ruhe. Daher hier noch ein paar interessante Links, die ich diese Woche sonst noch so entdeckt habe.

If you’re still struggling, just imagine instead of initiating sex, you’re making them a cup of tea.

Consent: Not actually that complicated

We gonna get our respect one way or another.

Check It: The all gay and transgender gang from D.C.

Now, I have to imagine that when a younger John Lewis woke up that morning fifty years ago and made his way to Brown Chapel, heroics were not on his mind. A day like this was not on his mind.

Transcript: Read Full Text of President Barack Obama’s Speech in Selma (Vorsicht, da startet leider automatisch ein Video)

LET me hazard a guess that you think a real person has written what you’re reading. Maybe you’re right. Maybe not. Perhaps you should ask me to confirm it the way your computer does when it demands that you type those letters and numbers crammed like abstract art into that annoying little box.

If an Algorithm Wrote This, How Would You Even Know?

She could say with absolute certainty that that’s precisely how it happened. Except, it turns out, none of what she remembered was accurate.

You have no idea what happened

She led an extraordinary life, enjoying success as a concert pianist when she was a young woman, before spending her middle years living in a battered old car following a failed romance and latterly turning a scrap of land at the foot of a London Underground embankment into her makeshift home and garden.

From concert pianist to lady in the car: the extraordinary life of Anne Naysmith

One theory suggests he was abducted by a sophisticated organized crime syndicate, and then forced into a hacker brigade that builds and services the cartel’s hidden, backcountry communications infrastructure. They’re the Geek Squads to some of the biggest mafia-style organizations in the world.

The Drug Cartels‘ IT Guy

It might seem odd to interview a science fiction author on a website that’s explicitly about blue jeans, but not every science fiction author has a capsule collection with Buzz Rickson’s. If Mr. Gibson knows anything as well as writing novels it’s clothing

William Gibson Interview: His Buzz Rickson Line, Tech wear, and the limits of authenticity

T H E  L A D I E S  A L M A N A C K is a feature-­length experimental narrative film (now in pre-production) written & directed by Daviel Shy, based on the novel of the same title by Djuna Barnes.

T H E  L A D I E S  A L M A N A C K

Furthermore, when gamer boys were asked if they want to see more girls play games, 86 percent said yes. When asked if they wanted to see more female heroes, only 19 percent disagreed. This data, the authors said, means that the majority of boys are welcoming to the girls that enjoy the hobby, and that they are eager to share it.

The games industry is wrong about kids, gaming and gender

Octopuses are cephalopod molluscs which include almost 300 species.

Octopus Facts

I’m not a journalist—I’m more like a novelist with a tennis background.

David Foster Wallace and the Nature of Fact

What do women want in their women characters? Art director and Muddy Colors columnist Lauren Panepinto addresses sexism in art and what she wants creators to think about when developing female characters. Even better, she shares redesigns of popular female characters done by female science fiction and fantasy artists.

Fantastic Redesigns Of Women Characters By Women Science Fiction Artists

Aside from doing research in order to make a believable character, in addition to leaving one’s personal (and media-learned) biases at the door, I don’t know the right answer to my friend’s question. How can she infuse PoC into her story in a believable manner, when her experience has only ever been as a white person?

Writing People of Color

There is a Reddit forum called SuicideWatch that feels a little bit like a digital version of those telephone crisis hotlines—if all the volunteers took off early for the day, leaving the depressed to start answering each other’s calls.

“Please Do Not Downvote Anyone Who’s Asked for Help”

Unfortunately, the author also had a bit of a drinking problem. In fact, he was so drunk at the welcome reception for his 1955 trip to Japan that the U.S. ambassador ordered he be put on the next plane back to the states.

“Put Someone in Charge of His Liquor” and Other Foreign-Service Rules for Handling William Faulkner

The 55-year-old mother of two in 2012 agreed to let surgeons  electrodes on her brain to control a robotic arm. More recently, she flew an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter simulator using nothing but her thoughts

This Woman Flew an F-35 Simulator with Her Mind

When all was said and done, Spock’s cool, rational intellect didn’t represent authority or dominance—it represented curiosity.

Spock taught me not to be racist—but not in the way you’d expect

Kellogg executives don’t expect cereal sales to return to growth this year, though they hope to slow the rate of decline and do better in 2016. But some Wall Street analysts say cereal sales may never fully recover. In Battle Creek, so-called Cereal City, that would be the equivalent of the apocalypse.

Who Killed Tony the Tiger?

Bonus, weil’s immer wieder gesucht wird: Die Antwort auf die Frage: Wie lang ist der Durchschnittspenis?