Schlagwort-Archive: Ross Marquand

Ross Marquand imitiert Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Marlon Brando, Kevin Spacey, Matthew McConaughey und viele mehr

Ich finde nicht alle Schauspieler gleich gut getroffen, aber schon die meisten. Celebrity Nano-Impressions with Ross Marquand:

Hier noch die gesamte Liste der Darstellungen:

Justin Timberlake thinks a wave is for him
Al Pacino misses a straw with his mouth
George Clooney tries to get a word in
Antonio Banderas forgets his password
Kevin Spacey walks into the wrong table read
Jason Statham gets a charlie horse
Harrison Ford loses a sneeze
Michael Caine tries to open a jar for someone
James Gandolfini tries to get a hair out of his mouth
Christian Bale tries to decline a call and accidentally answers
Matthew McConaughey applies the 5 second rule
Liam Neeson deals with an automated voice system
Aaron Paul recognizes a smell
Brad Pitt forgets what he’s about to say
Marlon Brando describes gravity
John C Reilly uses a word he’s 70% sure what it means
Christopher Walken realizes he’s on the jumbotron