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Say hello to my little friends! – Scarface School Play

Scarface School Play Kids play Scarface

The World Is Yours! Die Welt gehört in Kinderhände! Scarface School Play. Because, why the fucking fuck not? Kinder spielen Scarface. Say hello to my little friends!

What the fucking fuck?

Scarface. 1,21 „Fucks“ pro Minute. 207 laut Wikipedias List of films that most frequently use the word „fuck“. 170 laut diesem Supercut von „Fucks“ in Scarface.

Profanity Examples in context:

„So I f*ck up.“ – „…we don’t need that smilin‘ motherf*cker.“ – „…anything beats lying around all day waitin‘ for me to f*ck you.“ – „I don’t have to listen to this bullsh*t!“ – „That piece of sh*t up there, I never like him, I never trusted him.“ – „You gotta learn, because women love when you suck the p*ssy.“ – „Let me tell you something about that greaseball c*cksucker.“ – „Or am I gonna bust your wise-a*s spic balls here and now?“ – „Against guys like that a*shole that you were dancing with tonight.“ – „…the little old b*stards won the division tonight!“ – „Son of a b*tch.“ – „F*ckin wasp whore.“ – „I’m pissed.“ – „That pr*ck.“ – „Damn you.“ – „What the hell man?“ – „Jesus Christ.“

Family Media Guide

Who dunnit?

Wer kommt auf so eine Idee? Marc Klasfeld heißt der Kerl und es gibt ein Video, in dem er ein bisschen ausführlicher darüber erzählt, wie es zu dem Video kam.

No kids and/or their little precious souls were harmed

Beruhigend: Die Kids haben den Film selbst nie gesehen. Zur Erinnerung das Finale von Scarface, passend unterlegt mit Push it to the Limit von Paul Engemann!

End Credits

Scarface Original Ending Theme (Giorgio Moroder) Soundtrack HQ.